“Open Secret is a fascinating story of Lickteig’s life, told extremely well by the only person who can, Lickteig himself. The film begins by teasing the viewer with the promise of a juicy family secret. Once revealed the secret becomes the least of the reasons to become engrossed in this documentary.”
Toronto Film Scene

“The truths Lickteig sets out to uncover reveal long-hidden stories about mental illness, abandonment, infidelity and, ultimately, love.”
Toronto Star

“More compelling than most films on television these days.”
KCUR 89.3 FM-Kansas City

“The raw emotion of the second half of this film where Steve confronts not only his biological mother, but also his own feelings, is really powerful stuff. A great look at not only families, but also mental illness, generational gaps, the nature of a well intentioned lie, and forgiveness.”
Criticize This!

“A fascinating exploration of identity, family, and small town life.”
Basil Tsiokos, programming associate, Sundance Film Festival

“Open Secret is a fascinating look at family dynamics and the difficulties in coming back to a place of openness after years of obsessive secret keeping. The drama is palpable, and Lickteig’s personal, simple, and in your face approach to dissecting his own life is extremely effective.”
Press + 1

“The film is an amazing journey into his past, uncovering a rich tapestry of hidden secrets and lies that came to define who he is. Highly recommended.”
Digitized Graffiti

“The storytelling and Lickteig’s control of narrative detours make for a riveting experience.”
Society for Independent Film